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Battersea Dogs' Home

A comprehensive site on rehoming, keeping, first aid tips and ideas for playing with your dog.

Blue Cross Animal Welfare Society

An organisation which rehomes dogs and provides a veterinary service for owners on low income.

Canine Partners for Independence

This organisation provides specially trained dogs for disabled people helping them maintain their independence.

Cats Protection

Formerly Cats Protection League, this is the oldest and biggest cat rescue society in the UK.  Often provides assistance with veterinary bills for families on low income.


Voluntary organisation helping in the training of dogs for disabled people.


Dogs for the Disabled

Again an organisation which trains dogs for disabled people.

Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

An organisation which provides and trains dogs for the blind.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

An organisation which trains dogs to assist deaf people, thus helping them maintain their independence.

National Canine Defence League

This is the UK's largest dog welfare charity with a network of rescue centres around the country.

National Pet Month

Promotes responsible pet ownership.

Pet as Therapy (PAT dogs)

A voluntary organisation which arranges for specially trained dogs to visit hospitals, nursing homes and hospices.


The PDSA provides free medical or surgical treatment to families on low income.

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Mail white large Tel white large Society for Companion Animal Studies

This organisation runs the Pet Bereavement Support Service.


The world's largest and oldest animal charity - it provides rescue and welfare for animals in distress.

Support Dogs

This organisation trains dogs to respond and alert their owners to an imminent epileptic fit.