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Veterinary admissions wards are centrally heated day and night. All pets receive personal nursing care. You are very welcome to visit your pet and discuss progress as often as you wish, and we will make every effort to make your pet's stay as comfortable as possible. We understand how worrying it is to leave your pet, so do ask any questions as they arise and let us know of your pet's likes and dislikes.


Our number one goal is to make sure that your pet is as comfortable as possible during their stay at the surgery. We are very happy for you to visit your pets if they are staying at the surgery, and welcome phone calls and visits to discuss their progress.


Veterinary operations are performed under sterile conditions in theatre, with full monitoring during the op and recovery period. Modern anaesthetics are very safe, but we offer blood tests before surgery to detect any problems that may increase the anaesthetic risk.


Your hospitalised pet will not be 'shoved in a cage overnight and not seen until the morning', but will receive round-the clock nursing according to its needs.