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Links & Info

Some handy pet care information

Below is a list of some useful links that provide detailed information of different species of pets.


The Feline Advisory Bureau
The Feline Advisory Bureau is a British charity which promotes the health and welfare of cats, giving up-to-date information to vets, cat breeders and owners. Contains many information fact sheets on cat care.

Governing Council of the Cat Fancy
This is the feline equivalent of the Kennel Club in Britain. The GCCF has many affiliated cat clubs, licensed cat shows and registers pedigree cats.

Feline Diabetes
Advice about feline diabetes, links to other relevant sites, bulletin board for questions.


Animals in Mind
Animals in Mind is a registered charity in the UK specialising in pet behaviour. Its website covers some of the common dog problems and offers email help for other problems.

Comprehensive information about the Crufts Dog Show, organised by the Kennel Club.

Kennel Club
The primary objective of The Kennel Club is to promote in every way the general improvement of dogs. The Kennel Club provide lists of all registered litters of dogs in Great Britain.


Animals in Mind
Registered UK charity with information on rabbit behavioural problems with email help for specific queries.

Rabbit Charity
British site on care of rabbits.

British Houserabbit Association
Promotes keeping rabbits in the house rather than outside.


Chinchilla World
A US site with information on keeping chinchillas as pets.

Complete Hamster Site
A British site by a hamster breeder, covering all aspects of hamster care.

Gerbil Information Page
A British site about keeping Mongolian gerbils.

National Fancy Rat Society
A British Society, primarily regarding showing rats, but also contains information on keeping rats as pets.

National Gerbil Society
A British Society promoting gerbils as pets, giving details of all aspects of gerbil keeping.


Ferret Central
A US site with information on keeping ferrets.


British Chelonia Group
UK charity dedicated to preservation and conservation of tortoises, turtles and terrapins.

Information about all aspects of keeping frogs as pets.

Tortoise Trust
This is the world's largest tortoise organisation and gives extensive advice on all aspects of tortoise keeping.


Raptor Trust
A group based in Norfolk, treating sick and injured birds of prey. Also contains advice about treating and rehabilitating injured birds.

Safehaven Parrot Refuge
A UK charity giving advice on all aspects of keeping parrots.


The Fish Information Service is a US site covering aquarium fish, freshwater, tropical, temperate and marine.


British Tarantula Society
Info about all things tarantula! 

British Arachnological Society
This site includes information on selection, housing, feeding, handling and health for keepers of arachnids.